How to Import PST to Zimbra? – 2 Quick Approaches

Many users in today’s technological world want to switch from Outlook to Zimbra because Outlook is paid application and requires a monthly subscription to manage their emails. Most of the users prefer to use the Zimbra Email Client because it comes with Zimbra Webmail to access their emails through the web also. That’s why users are in need to import PST to Zimbra Mail Client. In this blog we will go through two easy ways to import Outlook PST file to zimbra desktop.

You can use the Xen PST Converter for performing the PST to Zimbra conversion. The software is specially designed to import PST file into Zimbra Desktop application. The benefit of using this solution is that you can easily import PST to Zimbra Webmail as well as Zimbra Desktop. Hence, no loss will happen during the migration from PST mailbox to Zimbra with the help of this tool.

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Zimbra Desktop is an email client that can be used both offline and online, similar to MS Outlook. One of the greatest browser-based interfaces for linking end users to the data and activity in their personal clouds is provided by the Zimbra web client. The Zimbra Webmail allows users to have the same robust experience offline.

When deciding between the two services, the fact that Zimbra’s desktop client and server programs may be downloaded for free, unlike Outlook, may make all the difference. Although it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two services because Outlook has significantly more functionality and support than Zimbra. Whatever the reason, we’ll explore techniques in this post that will enable you to import PST to Zimbra easily.

Professional Solution to Import PST to Zimbra Desktop-Email Client

Xen PST Converter is a simple and easy-to-use application for transferring emails from Outlook PST file to Zimbra Mail. The tool has been tested by professionals and is known for it’s effective and accurate performance. PST to Zimbra Converter has a simple user interface and required only PST files and you can easily open PST file in Zimbra email client.

The program is an error-free solution and does not require Outlook installation for the PST to Zimbra TGZ conversion process. Also, you can also import PST to Windows Live Mail, Zimbra Webmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Exchange Server, Amazon Workmail, IMAP,, etc. The best part of this tool is that there is no file size limit for this application, you can easily upload a large number of PST files with so much ease.

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Procedure to Export Outlook PST Files to Zimbra Mail Client

Since there is no manual solution to convert Outlook PST to TGZ file format. You must reach for a quick and easy solution. The following guide describes the working steps of PST to TGZ conversion process.

Step 1. Install and Run Xen Outlook PST Converter on your Machine.

import PST to Zimbra webmail

Step 2. The software gives you dual options to upload PST files to the software panel, click on the “Select File/Select Folder” tab to choose and tap on the “Next” button.

export emails from PST to Zimbra

Step 3. The tool will show selected PST files in the software interface, choose the required email folders that you wish to import into Zimbra Mail Client. Once selected, click on the “Next” button.

transfer PST file to Zimbra

Step 4. After that, choose “Zimbra” as a saving option from the long list.

export emails from PST to Zimbra

Step 5. Thereafter, choose the destination path to save the resultant .tgz file on your computer.

import PST to Zimbra webmail

Step 6. After performing all the above steps, press the “Next” button to start PST to TGZ conversion process.

transfer PST file to Zimbra

Done!! The whole process will be finished in seconds. However, it may take time depending upon the size of PST files.

The last step is to open Zimbra Mail client Tap on the “Import/Export” option and import all the converted TGZ files on this application.

Working Steps to Upload PST Files to Zimbra Webmail

To import PST to Zimbra webmail, users need to follow these steps for transferring PST files to Zimbra webmail quickly;

Step 1. Install and run PST to Zimbra Migration Tool on your Windows Machine.

Import PST to Zimbra TGZ

Step 2. choose an option from “Select Files or Select Folders” to upload PST files and press the “next” button.

import outlook pst file to zimbra desktop

Step 3. Now, users can choose the specific folders and items from the software. Once selected press the “Next” button.

import outlook pst file to zimbra desktop

Step 4. Select “IMAP” from the list of different saving options as shown in the below screenshot.

transfer PST file to Zimbra

Step 5. Enter Zimbra Webmail account credentials and also IMAP Host and Port No. in the respective fields.

export emails from PST to Zimbra

Step 6. Finally, tap on the “Next” button to start the process.

import PST to Zimbra webmail

Hence, PST to Zimbra Webmail migration procedure was completed successfully. Now, log in to your Zimbra Webmail account and access all of your PST email files in the Zimbra Account.

PST to Zimbra Conversion Features

Zimbra import of Outlook PST emails:  The best solution for converting numerous Outlook PST files to Zimbra TGZ format is the Outlook to Zimbra Migration program. The tool enables you to convert PST emails into the Zimbra Client and Server compatible TGZ format, including attachments, subjects, addresses (To, CC, BCC, From), photos, hyperlinks, and more.

Export Outlook PST contacts to Zimbra: The PST to Zimbra Converter was created with a tonne of strong features that set it apart from other applications. It has a sophisticated built-in tool that allows you to export PST Contacts to Zimbra TGZ format, containing all PST Contacts information like Name, Address, Number, Notes, Images, Email Address, etc.

Batch Outlook PST to Zimbra conversion: An efficient way to convert Outlook PST to Zimbra (.tgz) format is to use Xen PST Converter. It offers the “Add Folders” option for numerous files, making it simple to bulk convert PST files to Zimbra TGZ format. To convert PST to Zimbra, no Outlook or Zimbra environment is required.

Import Specific PST folders to Zimbra: Each PST file you convert using the utility results in a unique .tgz file being created by the software. In the interface panel, there is also a choice to export only specific things from the PST file email folder. For the inbox, outbox, custom labels or folders, etc., you can create separate .tgz files. Both Zimbra Webmail and Zimbra Desktop can quickly import the exported file.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy: During conversion, the PST to Zimbra Migration tool preserves email metadata like Addresses, To, CC, BCC, Sent / Received Date and Time, Subject, etc., and keeps files and folders in their hierarchical order. It converts whole PST items, including attachments, photos, text, objects, HTML format, and other properties.

The Final Words

In the above blog, we talked about the simplest and easiest ways to import Outlook PST to Zimbra account. You will get two solutions to transfer PST files to Zimbra webmail and Zimbra mail client as well. The application mentioned in this article is a completely safe and secure tool that offers quick and accurate results.