How to Convert PST to MBOX?

Looking for a simple and trusted solution to convert PST to MBOX? If yes, then continue reading this blog. In this post, we will describe the best solution as well as how we understand the users’ needs.

Many users are slowly and gradually shifting from Microsoft Outlook to MBOX-supported email clients like Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, etc.

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Overview of PST and MBOX File;

PST file is an Outlook Data File from Microsoft Outlook, including messages, contacts, appointments, and meetings, as well as tasks, notes, documents, journal entries, etc., stored as PST files. All information can be found in folders of various categories, including calendars, mail, and others. Additionally, PST files keep track of crucial extra properties for Outlook items and folders. Rules and notifications, view settings, or search folders are a few examples.

That’s why it’s important to correctly handle the data contained in PST before moving it to another location.

While, MBOX File is a file format that is supported by different email client applications such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Postbox, PocoMail, Netscape, Spicebird, Claws Mail, Opera, PowerMail, SeaMonkey, Mulberry, and many more. Since folder structure is not present in MBOX files, each message folder is typically saved in a different MBOX file.

Why Convert PST to MBOX? – Top Reasons

In this section, we will discuss why MBOX email clients are preferred over MS Outlook and users need to convert PST to MBOX File. The most reasons for converting Outlook Data File to MBOX are listed below;

  • MBOX files are supported by a variety of email clients, including Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, SeaMonkey, Netscape, Evolution, Spicebird, and more.
  • Over time, MS Outlook becomes expensive for many regular users because they eventually have to purchase the licensed edition of MS Office.
  • During the trial period, MS Outlook can be downloaded and registered for evaluation, but after that, a license purchase is required. They, therefore, feel the need to switch to free MBOX-compatible email applications.
  • Single users tend to prefer desktop email applications that are either open source or freely available online.
  • When PST files become corrupt, MS Outlook may not be able to open them. When it comes to Microsoft products, there are no automatic ways to resolve problems with file damage or corruption, and PSTs can only be used with Outlook. That’s why, if the file corrupts just once, you’ll be stranded for a while.
  • Users of Outlook must utilize the Windows operating system, whereas MBOX files can be read on any OS. Linux, macOS, and Windows are a few examples.

After learning the basic differences between the two file formats and the reasons why someone might need to convert Outlook PST to MBOX, the next question is how to do it.

Now, we are going to discuss the two best solutions to export Outlook emails to MBOX File Format. We will discuss both the manual and professional solutions to convert PST to MBOX files. So, let’s explore these two methods in more detail.

Method 1. How to Convert PST to MBOX using Thunderbird?

You must first confirm that Microsoft Outlook is your computer’s default email client before using this method. Otherwise, set Outlook as the default program for using Email. One can do this by searching “Default App Settings” in the taskbar search box and following the mentioned steps:

Step 1. First of all, open the Outlook application and make sure that the PST database is present in Outlook. If not, open Outlook and import the PST file first.

Step 2. Then, Close the Outlook application and Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird email client after that.

Step 3. Select Tools from the menu bar and choose Import from the list.

export outlook pst files to mbox

Step 4. After that, select Mail from the Import tab then tap the Next button.

convert pst to mbox

Step 5. Thereafter, choose Outlook from the provided list and click Next to close.

export outlook pst files to mbox

Step 6. There will be a folder called “Outlook Import”, and all of the Outlook PST emails will be stored in that folder. Close the import windows.

Procedure to Export MBOX Emails to PST File

We have finished exporting Outlook emails to Thunderbird up to this point. We will now get to work exporting the MBOX files that contain these Outlook PST emails. To convert  PST to MBOX, follow the steps mentioned below;

Step 1. Install Thunderbird’s ImportExportTools NG add-on first.

Step 2. After that, right-click on the Outlook Import folder and choose ImportExportTools NG from it.

Step 3. Select the Export folder with subfolders from the menu.

convert pst to mbox

Step 4. Click Select Folder after choosing where to save the MBOX file.

Done! Your MBOX files that include copies of all of your PST emails have been successfully exported.

Note: In the right order for the manual way to function, Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook must be installed. You need an alternative email client to convert PST to MBOX format. It is only achievable if you use an automated solution, such as the one suggested below.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • This traditional method requires one or more email client installations such as Thunderbird or Outlook to carry out the PST to MBOX conversion process. That’s why, without these, the conversion cannot be completed correctly.
  • There is a considerable risk of data loss and modifications to the original format when converting and moving emails from one application to another, which could lead to huge data loss issues.
  • Different applications are needed for the manual conversion process; if any of these applications stop functioning, the PST to MBOX conversion process may also fail.
  • As there are so many applications involved, a user using this strategy needs to be well-versed in all the platforms and how they operate. Here, a high degree of technical proficiency is required.

Method 2. Expert Solution to Convert Outlook PST to MBOX File

Both techniques for converting PST to MBOX format involve numerous software or add-ons and complex stages in order to be completed. Since PST is a single file built to retain emails and many other data, there is a fear that its contents will become corrupt. For all types of users, including beginners, using a professional PST converter is recommended.

The Xen PST Converter is an excellent solution that is exclusively made for PST to MBOX conversion. It is special conversion software to convert PST files to more than 20+ file formats such as EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF, DOC, HTML, MHT, Gmail, Office 365,, etc. This tool also allows users to see a preview of PST mailbox items before exporting them to desired file format.

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Working Steps to Batch Convert Outlook PST to MBOX File

Step 1. First, install and run this software on your Windows Machine.

convert outlook pst emails to mbox file format

Step 2. Secondly, upload the PST files by using the Select Files or Select Folders option.

convert pst to mbox

Step 3. Thereafter, the software will fetch all of your PST file mailboxes on the software panel. Choose the required folders that you want to convert into MBOX format.

export outlook pst files to mbox

Step 4. This tool gives you multiple options, choose MBOX from the list of 30+ saving options.

convert outlook pst emails to mbox file format

Step 5. After that, choose a destination path to save the resultant data file in same the same source folder.

convert pst to mbox

Step 6. Lastly, tap on the “Next” button to start PST to MBOX file conversion process.

export outlook pst files to mbox

Finally, the software will notify you through a pop-up message of data conversion. It will automatically open the default folder.


The preference of MBOX-supported email clients over Outlook is due to the free availability of these email applications that supports MBOX File. This blog includes the free manual ways but also owns non-ignorable challenges. A professional tool is recommended for the best and most quick MBOX to PST Conversion process.