How to Convert PST File to Word Document? – 2 Easy Methods

Introduction- Do you have some important Outlook emails and wish to export PST files to DOC format so that you can edit the entire email components easily? Word document is a powerful editor and it allows you to make changes in DOC files with multiple advanced settings also it carries all attachments, images, sender and receiver details, etc. So, we have come up with a direct solution to convert PST file to word document using manual and professional solutions.

Instant Solution: Looking for a quick and easy way? Try Xen PST Converter Tool to easily export Outlook emails to Word Document File in a few simple clicks. This tool also allows users to convert PST to MSG, EML, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, and many other file formats.

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In this blog, we will discuss the two easy and simple ways to convert PST to Word Document files in bulk without losing image quality.

Why Convert PST File to Word Document?

Users look to export PST to DOC file format for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at them now.

  • You may quickly share Word documents with others with the use of numerous applications, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc.,
  • It can also be emailed as an attachment using a variety of email programs or services.
  • With a variety of text programs, users may open and access Word documents with ease such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.
  • Users won’t have any difficulties editing Word documents because it is simple to do so.
  • Additionally, it produces lighter, smaller files that are simpler to read and share.

Manual Solution to Export PST Files to DOC Format

We all know that Outlook doesn’t offer a direct option to save PST file as DOC or Word Document file. So, we have to follow a two-step process to convert PST emails to Word Document File.

Outlook is unable to save a message as a Word document file directly. The message can be saved as an HTML file and opened in Word. So, you need to convert PST to HTML first. Then, your email message’s formatting, graphics, links, and header information are all preserved when you save it as an HTML file.

Step 1: Save PST file as HTML file Format

1. Choose your required email and click on the File tab and then tap on the “Save As” button.

convert pst to doc

2. Select a folder in the Folder pane of the Save as dialogue box. Now, in that selected folder choose a location where you wish to save the file.

export pst to doc file

3. Rename the file’s name in the File name box.

4. Select HTML from the Save as type option, then click Save.

export pst to doc file

Step 2: Convert HTML file to DOC File Format

1. Now, Open a new Word Document file and then Select File > Open.

2. Choose the HTML document that you saved in step 4.

3. Now, tap File > Save As and Select Word Document (*.docx) from the file type drop-down menu and then click the Save button.

Limitation of Manual Solution:

  • These are the manual steps that you can use to convert PST to DOC file format. You can use this manual solution only if you have enough time as it is a time-consuming method.
  • This process involves multiple steps as it only selects one email at a time, so you have to follow the same step again and again for the remaining emails.
  • Also, it is a very confusing process because it doesn’t give you a direct option to convert PST to DOC File.

Convert Outlook PST Emails to Word Document with Attachments

Professional Solutions are always considered the best approach to convert PST to DOC file format. Xen Outlook PST Converter Tool is one such approach that offers a direct and easy way to Convert PST File to Word Document. This is the best application for both technical and non-technical users as it has a very simple and easy-to-use GUI.

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Additionally, you can also use this tool to convert PST to EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, and many other file formats. Moreover, No Outlook installation is required to carry out MBOX to DOC conversion process. It is specially designed in such a manner that you can easily convert PST file to word document.

Now, let’s move on to learn the steps to export PST to DOC format;

Procedure to Save PST Files as DOC File Format

Basically, it’s a very simple and easy process to convert PST files to MS Word. It only consists of five major steps after which you can read, access, and edit your Outlook emails in a DOC file.

Step 1. Firstly, install PST to DOC converter tool on your Windows Machine and read the instructions as shown below.

convert pst file to word document

Step 2. Now, browse and upload PST files into the software panel with the help of dual options i.e, Select Files or Select Folders.

export pst file to doc file format

Step 3. The tool will now fetch all mailbox folders of your PST files. Here, you need to choose only those folders that you need to transfer into Word document file.

convert pst to doc file format

Step 4. Navigate to saving options and select DOC as a file format from the list of 30+ saving options.

convert pst file to word document

Step 5. Thereafter, choose a destination path to save the resultant data file as per your choice.

export pst file to doc file format

Step 6. Lastly, hit on the “Next” button to start PST to DOC conversion process.

convert pst to doc file format

Done!! In this way, users can easily save PST files as DOC type. Now, open your resultant DOC file and access your Outlook emails.

Prominent Features of Xen PST Converter Tool

Bulk PST to DOC Conversion: Xen PST Converter Tool is the perfect solution that easily exports multiple PST emails to DOC file format in a single attempt. With this bulk conversion feature, users can save their important time and manual efforts.

Output at Desire Path: This tool gives you a choice to save important data in a new location. The software also provides a complete preview option to view email files and attachments before converting PST to DOC files.

Different File Naming Option: It provides multiple file names to save each single email file with a different name pattern. Such as that you can save it in formats like MM-DD-YY, DD-MM-YY, YY-DD-MM, and many more.

Multiple File Formats: Xen Outlook PST Converter tool not only convert PST to DOC but also allows you to export Outlook emails into 30+ different saving options. Such as that you can convert PST to MBOX, MSG, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, DOCX, EMLX, and many more.

Advanced Email Filters: This software also offers various email filters for the convenience of the user. Using this feature, a user can perform selective PST to DOC file conversion processes in an effective and efficient manner.

No Outlook Installation: Xen PST Converter is an independent utility that doesn’t ask you to install Outlook to carry out the PST to DOC conversion process. It is a completely standalone solution that easily convert PST file to word document in an easy way.

Wrapping Up

This blog explains the two easiest and simplest solutions to convert PST to DOC in a brief for the ease of the users. There are a number of users who want to perform PST to DOC conversion process but are not aware of an instant solution. Xen PST converter Tool is an accurate approach that gives a direct option to convert PST file to word document.

Thus, both manual and professional solutions have been described in this blog. Users can choose any of those mentioned approaches as per their needs and requirements.