How to Convert MBOX to PST for Free? – Updated 2022

If you have wondered how to convert MBOX to PST, you have come to the right place. You can just choose between two ways of converting MBOX to PST.

Many users need to convert MBOX to Outlook PST File because of its popularity among users. It is imperative to use a quick and reliable solution that gives us instant results as we can’t invest much of our crucial time in searching for manual solutions. Thankfully, you don’t lack options here! You will get one of the easiest and simplest methods to convert MBOX to PST in this blog, which is capable enough to complete the whole task in a few simple steps and export MBOX to PST seamlessly.

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MBOX File format is the most popular file format and many email applications, such as Apple Mail, Entourage, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, etc., use this adaptable file format MBOX to store email messages.

On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email client applications. It is used by increasing numbers of users all around the world. The main factors contributing to its popularity are superior features and outstanding services. Compared to other email applications, Outlook has a vast range of functions. It gives an option to its users to export their data to Outlook PST.

However, users now find that converting MBOX to PST file format is necessary for a number of important reasons. The upcoming section includes a step-by-step guide and the most common reasons for exporting MBOX to PST files.

Why do users need to Convert MBOX to PST?

Each user may have their own reasons and needs to convert their MBOX files to PST, but there are a few common ones.

The most important reason is that the users are changing file formats due to the drawbacks of the MBOX file format and the benefits of the Outlook PST file format. Below are a few likely explanations:

  • Compared to email programs that support the MBOX file format, MS Outlook offers more features and is more affordable.
  • To access MBOX files, an internet connection is required, Whereas, Outlook PST files don’t require any internet connectivity to access.
  • Many Organizations do not prefer email applications that support MBOX file format since they are not very sophisticated or advanced.
  • There are also many issues with the MBOX file; sometimes it gets locked which prevents users from opening files.
  • As Outlook is a Microsoft product, it offers the best security measures to its users.

Methods to Export MBOX to Outlook PST File – Two Easy Solutions

You can test-drive a few of the free MBOX to PST conversion solutions available. However, we cannot guarantee data integrity using these methods while converting the data. Therefore, before using any such free solution, it is always strongly advised to make a backup of your MBOX file data. The following are some free conversion techniques:

Method 1: Convert MBOX to PST using EML Files

This solution suggests exporting the MBOX emails to EML files, which can then be imported into Outlook using the Import/Export feature.

Step 1: Move MBOX file items to a new folder

1. First, click the right button on any mailbox folder in the MBOX email client.

2. Select any mailbox folder and to create a new folder, choose the option New Folder, give it a name, and then choose Create Folder.

3. Now, copy and paste or drag and drop the desired MBOX emails to this new folder (for conversion).

4. Select all of the MBOX files in that folder that you want to convert to EML format by right-clicking on the folder.

5. Select “Save as to EML” from the menu.

export mbox to outlook pst file

6. Browse a location to save your EML Files.

Move EML files to Outlook Drag and drop the previously saved EML files into the Outlook EML file folder.

Step 2: Export EML to PST files

1.  File > Import & Export > Import/Export in Outlook, so that you can access the Import and Export wizard.

convert mbox to pst

2. After that, choose Export to a file and press the Next.

mbox to pst conversion

3. Next, choose Outlook data file (.pst), and then click on Next.

export mbox to outlook pst file

4. Select the folder which contains EML files from the list and then click Next.

convert mbox to pst

5. Browse a location to export the PST file, choose the option to manage duplicate items, and then click Finish.

mbox to pst conversion

Done!! The MBOX file is finally converted to PST.

Note: Users can simply drag and drop the EML files exported from the MBOX email client and drop them to a specific folder of the PST mailbox in the opened Outlook application to move a small number of important emails in the EML files if they don’t need to create a full separate PST file.

Limitations of Manual Solutions:

  • A lengthy and difficult process.
  • No guarantee of data integrity.
  • With the EML conversion method, only emails are transferred.
  • High chance of losing data and properties.
  • Do not support conversion of multiple MBOX files.
  • A high level of technical expertise is needed.
  • Installation of Both Thunderbird & Outlook is required.

Reliable and Easy to Convert MBOX to PST File – Professional Approach

Feel free to perform MBOX to PST conversion automatically using the powerful Xen MBOX Converter solution if you don’t want to take any risks or invest any time in the free solutions. With only 4-5 steps, it converts MBOX files directly and without any data restrictions. If you want to perform a perfect MBOX to PST conversion, then this method is suggested to achieve this target. This tool provides a complete, accurate, and effective MBOX to PST Conversion with a few simple clicks.

It also allows you to export MBOX to 20+ other file formats such as you can easily convert MBOX to  MSG, EML, PDF, EMLX, DOC, DOCS, HTML, MHTL, etc. One can also export selective data from MBOX File to PST with the use of the email filter option. That’s why this tool is considered a reliable and fastest way to convert MBOX to PST along with its attachments.

So, Just Download the Free Version of this tool to check out its effectiveness and efficiency;

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Procedure to Export MBOX Emails to Outlook PST File Format;

Follow these simple steps to convert MBOX to PST quickly. So, Let’s get started!

Step 1. Run Xen MBOX Converter Software on your PC.

export mbox to outlook pst file

Step 2. Next, click the “Select Files or Select Folders” tab and upload MBOX File into the Software panel.

convert mbox to pst

Step 3. After that, You will see all your mailbox listed on the screen; Choose the required mailbox folders of your MBOX File and click the Next button.

mbox to pst conversion

Step 4. Select PST as a saving option from the drop-down list of multiple options.

export mbox to outlook pst file

Step 5. Click on the Change to choose a location to save the resultant PST file on your PC.

convert mbox to pst

Step 6. Finally, click the Backup button to begin converting MBOX to PST File.

mbox to pst conversion

Just wait for a while, and you will get all of your MBOX Files converted into Outlook PST files.

Prominent features of Xen MBOX Converter

The use of an MBOX to PST converter has numerous benefits over a manual alternative. You can look at the essential characteristics of the utility that makes converting MBOX files into PST format so useful below.

  • This tool fully converts MBOX mailbox folders to PST File format.
  • It easily converts Bulk MBOX files into PST files in one single step.
  • Direct conversion of MBOX files into PST is possible with 4 simple steps.
  • Supports MBOX files from more than 25 email Clients.
  • Also this tool offers 20+ saving options that you can easily convert MBOX to EML, PDF, MSG, HTML, MHT, PST, XPS, RTF, and many more.
  • This tool is exceptionally good at preserving the folder structure of MBOX files after converting.
  • It also preserves all email layout and structure even after being converted to PST.
  • All Windows editions, such as Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, and others, are compatible with this tool.


See, learning how to convert MBOX to PST isn’t as complicated as your first thought. The thing is to choose the right method that will not only easily complete the whole task in the stipulated time but also saves your manual efforts as well. With Xen MBOX Converter, you can achieve this target and you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe. So, give it a try and convert MBOX to Outlook PST File quickly and easily.