How to Convert MBOX to PDF File Format?

“How do you export MBOX email files as PDF?” Converting MBOX File as PDF is something that you should consider if you want to ensure the security of your email files or send the files anywhere. It will only take a few simple steps if you are using the best MBOX converter to convert MBOX to PDF. Below are methods and steps on how how to save MBOX emails as PDFs with attachments.

Instant Solution: Are you looking for a quick and reliable tool to easily convert MBOX emails to PDF File Format. Then, you should go with an automated tool like Xen Converter. It is such a sophisticated program that easily allows you to export MBOX to PDF File Format.

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While MBOX is an email file and widely used by many users, it is quite different from PDF because PDF offers more. A lot of users want to convert MBOX to PDF and the reason is very clear. In the first place, PDF is a more secure file format as compared to MBOX file. It is not easily editable or it can be easily protected with authorized access and this is why a lot of users want to save their important information in PDF formats.

Why do users need to convert MBOX files to PDF File format?

Therefore, as most users are looking for the best solution to convert MBOX to PDF file format, let’s see the benefits of PDF files over MBOX email files;

  • Under what circumstances do we need to convert MBOX to a PDF document? When we need to share MBOX emails in a document format.
  • If your MBOX email contents are too crucial and you want to make it confidential and don’t want others to copy it.
  • To reduce the size of large MBOX files.
  • PDF files are the portable document that can easily curate your email data whereas MBOX files are impossible to carry.
  • As we know, the PDF file is easy to carry, small in size, and cross-compatible document format.PDF files are platform-independent and can be accessed over any device or web browser but MBOX doesn’t facilitate this option. MBOX file can be opened only with its supported document file.
  • PDF file comes with a security feature; i.e. you can password protect a PDF file and safeguard your data.

Top 2 Ways to Save MBOX emails as PDF File Format

We will show you a manual method to easily convert MBOX to PDF File Format. Go through each method and choose the method that fulfills your needs and requirements and doesn’t forget to read the limitations before starting the manual process.

1. Manual Solution (Using Thunderbird)

2. Professional Solution

Users prefer using these two techniques to export their MBOX data in PDF format. Converting a few MBOX files to PDF format can be done manually. Because batching the conversion of a large number of MBOX files into PDF files is a time-consuming procedure, it is not always simple to do so. While specialists typically advise using technical methods to execute the bulk conversion of MBOX files to PDF formats. The safest and most dependable method for customers to rapidly convert MBOX files into PDF files is through this method. Users can easily convert MBOX files to PDF files.

Manual Method to Export Multiple emails from MBOX to PDF File

Follow the steps below to manually export MBOX emails to PDF format:

Note: To use the manual technique described here, You need to first install Mozilla Thunderbird and after that import the MBOX file into Thunderbird that you want to export to the pdf File. Additionally, only use this procedure if you are tech-savvy because one mistake could result in permanent data loss.

Step 1. Install “ImportExportToola” Plugin

Step 1. First of all, Download ImportExportTools which is freely available on Thunderbird.

Step 2. Then, Select Tools >> Add-ons from the toolbar.

convert mbox emails to pdf file

Step 3. Search for and install the ImportExportTools extension.

export mbox emails to pdf file format

Step 4. Go to the Import-Export Add-on location that was saved.

Step 5. Restart your PC after the installation is complete.

Step 2. Import MBOX File into Thunderbird

Follow the steps which are mentioned below;

Step 1. Open Thunderbird and right-click on the selected Mailbox folder in which you want to import MBOX File.

Step 2. Now, choose “ImportExportTools NG”>>”Import MBOX File” option and proceed.

export mbox emails to pdf file format

Step 3. After that, choose the import way as “Import directly one or more MBOX Files” and tap the “OK” button.

convert mbox to pdf file

Step 4. Thereafter, choose a location to upload your MBOX file into the Thunderbird Interface.

export mbox emails to pdf file format

Step 5. Finally, tap on the “OK” button to finish the process.

In this way, you can easily import MBOX emails into Thunderbird. Now, proceed to the next step to convert MBOX to PDF File.

Step 3. Export MBOX emails to PDF File

Step 1. Restart Thunderbird and choose the folders you want to convert to PDF files.

Step 2. To do so, click Tools >> Import/Export Tools>>Export all messages in the folder>>PDF Format.

convert mbox to pdf file

Step 3. You’ll get another prompt with a warning. select “OK”.

Step 4. To save the converted PDF in a specific location, click Select Folder.

Manual Solutions are tricky and time-consuming which will not only consumes your time but also your manual efforts. So, we highly recommend using an automated solution.

How to Convert MBOX to PDF File? – Reliable and Quick Approach

A lot of users ask “How do I convert MBOX to PDF?”. Here, we will solve this problem you have. You can make this process of converting MBOX to PDF very easy by using an automated tool. The most convenient way to convert MBOX to PDF is to use an easy-to-use Xen MBOX Converter. This application gives you some amazing features like Advanced email filters, selective MBOX file conversion, File naming option, desired destination path, etc. You can use this tool to export MBOX emails in 30+ different file formats as it enables users to convert MBOX to EML, MSG, PDF, DOC, EMLX, RTF, XPS, HTML, MHT, etc.

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This utility is an effortless tool that can do the whole conversion process without extra effort. You only need to add MBOX file to it and it will automatically export MBOX emails as PDF files. No extra manual effort is required to follow multiple steps. Also, you can convert MBOX to PDF on any Windows Edition.

Steps to convert MBOX to PDF using a professional Solution

In order to bulk export MBOX emails to PDF format, you need to follow 4 simple steps to convert MBOX to PDF.

Step 1. Firstly, install and run Xen MBOZ Converter on your Windows PC.

convert mbox to pdf file

Step 2. Now, choose the required method to upload MBOX files into the software interface. Either you can choose “Select MBOX Files” or the “Select Folder” option.

export mbox emails to pdf file format

Step 3. Navigate to the loaded MBOX mailbox, and choose the required email files that you need to convert into PDF format.

convert mbox emails to pdf file

Step 4. The next step is to select PDF as a saving option from the list of multiple options.

convert mbox to pdf file

Step 5. After that, choose a location to save your resultant PDF file on the path of your choice.

convert mbox emails to pdf file

Step 6. Choose a file name format to save the resultant PDF files of your chosen file naming formats.

convert mbox to pdf file

Step 7. Finally, tap on the convert button to start MBOX to the PDF conversion process.

export mbox emails to pdf file format

Once the entire process gets completed, the tool will automatically open the default location and you can check all your converted MBOX emails in PDF format along with attachments.

Premium Features of Xen MBOX Converter

  • This tool has a special feature to batch export MBOX to PDF. You can easily export multiple MBOX files to PDF format using this tool.
  • It not only enables users to convert MBOX to PDF but also offers to export MBOX emails into PDF with attachments.
  • This tool ensures to keep the originality of the folder structure throughout the conversion process.
  • Xen converter supports MBOX files of 20+ different email clients such as Thunderbird, Powermail, Opera Mail, Apple Mail, etc.
  • This program also allows you to export MBOX emails into more than 25+ file formats. Such as you can convert MBOX to HTML, MSG, EMLX, PDF, DOC, PST, etc.

Sum Up

As I previously stated, PDF files are easy to share and portable document files; however MBOX emails are not. So it’s a better choice to convert MBOX to a PDF file. To accomplish this task, we have given two different methods. Either you can choose a manual solution or opt for the automated solution. But, the manual solution needs some technical skills and is also a complicated process to implement. So, make a wise decision before opting for a solution. Otherwise, you may face a huge data loss situation.