How to Convert MBOX to EML File in Bulk? – Complete Guide

How can I convert MBOX file to EML File in Bulk? Different email apps that preserve email messages in a concatenated format use the email file type MBOX. It is one of the most widely used formats for keeping a collection of emails and attachments. Email communications were initially kept locally on Unix hosts in MBOX files. However, other email applications, such as Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, PowerMail, etc., now support them.

Overview: In this guide, we will show you complete steps to convert MBOX to EML file format with/without the Thunderbird email client. Also, we will show you complete information about the procedure and the file formats.

Both EML and MBOX are supported by the majority of email applications, including Thunderbird and Apple Mail. Some text editors, like TextEdit, also let you open and display EML files. You can choose to download the files as EML or MBOX when you export emails. The primary difference between is that while EML exports each email as a separate file, MBOX exports each folder as a separate file.

We suggest exporting your files in the EML format if you wish to export a number of messages from your account but not an entire folder or mailbox. You can export your data in MBOX format if you wish to export your mailbox, an entire folder, or if you want to create a backup of your emails.

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Without using any email programs, MBOX files cannot be opened on a Mac directly. To view and manage MBOX files conveniently, MBOX files must first be converted to any other file format. We’ll discuss possible ways to convert MBOX to EML in this blog.

Manual Methods to Convert MBOX to EML File For Free

Talking about the solution to export MBOX to EML, users are often stuck with the best method to choose. You may also think of the question “how to convert MBOX to EML”. Choosing the right and appropriate method is always necessary for effective and best results.

In this section of the blog, we are going to explore the three manual solutions to convert MBOX to EML. Without taking more time let’s begin the process of MBOX to EML Conversion.

Method 1: How to Export MBOX to EML using Drag & Drop?

Follow the steps below if you want to convert MBOX files to EML files.

1. Open and Run Thunderbird on your System.

2. Now, press the “CTRL+A” to select all of the emails in the mailbox that you want to convert.

3. Drop the chosen emails into the local folder using drag and drop.

In this way, by dragging and dropping you can easily convert MBOX files into EML File Format.

Method 2: Convert MBOX files to EML using the “Save as” Feature.

1. You first need to choose the mailbox and the emails you want to convert. To select all emails, use CTRL+A.

2. Now, Right-click the context menu of the chosen email and select the “Save As” menu option.

transfer emails from mbox file to eml file

3. Now, browse a location to save the converted EML files.

4. To save, click the Save button.

convert mbox to eml

Method 3: How to Convert MBOX files to EML using “ImportExporttools” Add-on?

Install the ImportExporttools add-on first if you have a separate MBOX file. You may import MBOX into Thunderbird with this add-on. Then, you can convert MBOX to EML once the import procedure gets completed.

Step 1: Import MBOX File to Thunderbird

Launch Mozilla Thunderbird, then import MBOX file using the ImportExporttools add-on.

1. Click on the “Tools” and select “Add-ons” from the drop-down menu.

transfer emails from mbox file to eml file

2. Search ImportExportTools and select “Add to Thunderbird” from the options.

convert mbox to eml

3. Restart and Launch Mozilla Thunderbird once more.

4. Select the mailbox folders that you want to convert and Right-click on the chosen folder.

5. Now, select “ImportExportTools”>>”Import MBOX File”.

transfer emails from mbox file to eml file

6. Now, choose how do you want to import MBOX File and select “Import directly one or more MBOX files”.

export mbox emails to eml

7. After that, Click the OK button to finish the process.

Step 2: Use the ImportExporttools add-on to export MBOX to EML

Now, you have imported MBOX File into Thunderbird Application. You ned to convert those MBOX files into EML files.

1. To start, right-click and choose the imported mailbox.

2. Now, select ImportExportTools >> Export all messages in the folder >> EML Format.

export mbox emails to eml

3. Now, browse a location to save the EML files.

4. To begin the conversion of MBOX to EML, click the Save button.

convert mbox to eml

You will get all converted EML files inside the folder after the process gets completed.

Why You Shouldn’t Opt for Manual Solutions?

The main drawbacks that users of the aforementioned methods are outlined below.

  • Users frequently run into issues when converting MBOX files in bulk.
  • It is a lengthy and complicated process that needs technical expertise to complete.
  • Any errors made while carrying out the processes could result in data loss or damage.
  • Manual conversion of MBOX files to EML is not considered to be the best and most effective option. Users may prefer to convert MBOX to EML, however, it does not produce an effective outcome. To avoid any data loss, users must have strong technical skills prior to conducting the manual processes.

These methods seem cost-free conversion of MBOX to EML. These procedures, however, require the installation of Mozilla Thunderbird and ImportExportTools add-ons. You can use an effective MBOX Converter from a third party if you’re seeking an easy solution.

Reliable and Easy Way to Convert MBOX Emails in Bulk

One of the best and easiest ways to convert MBOX to EML is to use Xen MBOX Converter. There are very many online tools that can be used for this file conversion, but Xen is perhaps one of the best. It is very easy to use, which allows users to export MBOX Files to EML in bulk. With this tool, you can convert multiple MBOX Files to EML Files in just a few simple clicks. The tool is best known to deliver high-quality output in no time. 

Xen MBOX Converter is an all-in-one MBOX Conversion tool that comes with a great variety of features. It not only allows you to convert MBOX to EML File, but also it lets you convert MBOX to MSG, PST, PDF, DOC, EMLX, and other file formats easily.

Also, this tool is an alternate solution for MBOX to EML conversion that effectively export MBOX emails to EML file.

While converting MBOX to EML, this tool also exports attachments that are embedded in it and also maintains folder hierarchy throughout the conversion process.

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Steps for MBOX Data file to EML Format Conversion

Here is how to convert MBOX to EML using Xen MBOX Converter;

Step 1. Install and Run Xen MBOX Converter on your Windows Machine.

export mbox emails to eml

Step 2. If you have MBOX Files then click the “Select Files or Select Folders” tab to upload MBOX Files to the software.

convert mbox to eml

Step 3. Now, choose the required mailbox folders that you want to convert from MBOX to EML format and click on the “Next” button to proceed.

transfer emails from mbox file to eml file

Step 4. Select EML format as a saving option from the list of multiple options.

convert mbox to eml

Step 5. Choose the desired location to save the resultant EML file.

convert mbox to eml

Step 6. Now, Choose a desired file naming option from the different formats.

transfer emails from mbox file to eml file

Step 7. Finally, Click on the Convert button to start MBOX to EML Conversion.

export mbox emails to eml

Once the process gets completed, you will be notified by a pop-up message on your windows screen.

Final Conclusion

Finally, we have covered the four different ways to convert MBOX to EML. As discussed, using a professional solution is the only way to export MBOX emails easily. However, we have explained both manual and professional solutions to make your conversion easy. But, a manual solution isn’t an ideal approach to do so. It not only consumes your lot of time but also your manual efforts. So without a doubt, choose Xen MBOX Converter for a hassle-free task.