How to Convert MBOX to CSV File Format? – Two Easy Solutions

Do you struggle when you need to manage thousands of customers’ contacts list in your emails? For example, you have 100+ emails in the MBOX Files of your customers and you need to export them in an editable format so that you can arrange them according to your needs. How can you filter the female customers quickly in such a long list? It takes seconds in CSV format but you might spend a whole day if you can’t convert MBOX to CSV File Format. Everything is not easily manageable in MBOX files. But, you can manage through CSV File Format as it is a plain text format to save tabular information into a text file with the extension .csv.

When it comes to managing or storing large amounts of data, CSV files are one of the most often used formats. In reality, when we have to deal with a variety of procedures, these are the preferred formats. The fact that CSV files are really easy and simple to understand is one of their best qualities. Storage of data in the form of tabular rows and columns is one of the main purposes. You can quickly learn how to convert MBOX to CSV files by reading this post!

Xen MBOX Converter is more recommendable since it can easily export MBOX emails to CSV File Format, especially if you need to convert some financial statements to CSV. You can also this tool to convert MBOX to PST, EML, PDF, MSG, EMLX, HTML and many other popular file formats.

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CSV is a popular spreadsheet file format that is totally independent as it doesn’t need any particular software to work. But, MBOX file is slightly different with one crucial difference – MBOX files can be difficult to edit. An easy solution is to first convert MBOX to CSV file.

If you need to manipulate or analyze data, you may feel the need to convert MBOX emails into CSV File Format. This way, you can present your emails, and contacts in a spreadsheet. Your MBOX email data is preserved along with layouts, columns, formatting, etc. So, if you want to edit your email files fluently, it is necessary for you to convert MBOX to CSV. With Xen MBOX Converter which is introduced below, you can easily edit important information with CSV File. Things will be much easier if you convert MBOX to CSV.

This quick tutorial guides you on how to convert any MBOX file into CSV with the two easiest approaches.

Why do users need to Convert MBOX to CSV File Format? – Know Here

The purpose of converting MBOX to CSV files is explained in this section. Users need to export MBOX to CSV formats for various reasons. Here are some of them:-

  • The email messages are stored in a single plain text file in the MBOX file. Unlike the CSV file format which stores the data in a tabular and structured form, it is easy to manage.
  • Users may need to export data to Microsoft Outlook, however, Outlook does not support MBOX files. To convert MBOX to CSV file types, users are looking ahead. Microsoft Outlook easily imports the CSV file format.
  • More features are available in CSV spreadsheet formats than in MBOX files.
  • Comparing MBOX to CSV files further increases the speed of data analysis.

These are some common reasons why users need MBOX to CSV file conversion. Now, let’s move to the methods to convert MBOX files to CSV efficiently.

Methods to Export MBOX to CSV in Easy Approach

#1. Perform Manual Conversion Via Thunderbird
#2. MBOX to CSV conversion through an automated Solution

Now, we will go through both solutions one by one. Let’s begin with the working mechanism of these above mention methods.

Method 1. Extract Contacts from MBOX File to CSV  – Manual Solution

The All of the mailbox folders in the Thunderbird account can be exported to a desktop or local drive using the built-in add-on ImportExportNG. To carry out the MBOX emails to CSV conversion process, follow the steps;

Step 1. Install “ImportExportTools” Plugin

1. First of all, Open and run the Thunderbird email client application on your system.

2.  Now, tap on the “menu” icon in the Thunderbird application.

convert mbox emails to csv file format

3. Then, select Add-Ons from the menu.

convert mbox to csv

4. Look for ImportExportNG in the search field.

export mbox emails to csv file format

5. Now, click on the “Add thunderbird” and proceed further.

export mbox emails to csv file format

Restart the Thunderbird email client now and follow the next steps.

Step 2. Import MBOX File into Thunderbird

1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer.

2. Right-click on the folder in which you want to import the MBOX file.

3. Now, Click and choose ImportExportTools NG>>Import MBOX file and proceed further.

convert mbox emails to csv file format


4. Then choose “Import directly one or more MBOX files” and click the “OK” tab.

convert mbox to csv

5. Now, select single or multiple MBOX emails according to your requirements.

export mbox emails to csv file format

6. After that, Thunderbird successfully imports all of your MBOX emails.

Step 3. Export MBOX emails to CSV File Format

1. Now, restart your Thunderbird application again.

2. Now, click on the selected folder in which you have just imported your MBOX files.

3. After that, click and select ImportExportNG>>Export all messages in the folder>>CSV(Spreadsheet).

convert mbox to csv

4. Thereafter, choose a location to save your CSV files and click the “Select Folder” Option.

export mbox emails to csv file format

5. Wair for a while, as this process will take some time, and export all of your MBOX emails in a CSV file format.

Limitations of Manual Solution

This method seems cost-free, but it also has certain drawbacks, including

1. It is a lengthy and time-consuming process.

2. Most significantly, to convert MBOX to CSV file, Thunderbird must be installed on your computer.

3. You have to go through 3 major complex steps to accomplish this task.

As you can see, (Thunderbird) email client is required in order to convert MBOX to CSV. Do you have this much time to install the application and complete this complex task? The answer is Big NO. So use the automatic way to make MBOX to CSV conversion simple and convenient. It is an efficient way that can complete your task quickly and efficiently while saving you time and effort.

Method 2. Convert MBOX Contacts into CSV Instantly

Although there may be numerous solutions available that can help you to convert MBOX to CSV files, you need to opt for a reliable option. One of the best tools today is the Xen MBOX Converter. This program offers many benefits and features that can help you to manage numerous MBOX file conversion processes in no time.

Xen MBOX converter is best for both professional and professional users. This tool can easily convert MBOX contacts to CSV Files in bulk and batch mode. This application is efficient enough to easily solve the user’s query of extracting contacts from MBOX to CSV file. Along with the MBOX file conversion, this utility works well to always maintains the email folder structure during the whole process of exporting MBOX contacts to CSV files.

The graphical user interface is quite simple and can be used by both technical and non-technical users. The best thing about this tool is that it allows users to convert MBOX to DOC, EML, MSG, PDF,  EMLX, EMLX, HTML, HTML, and many other popular file formats. Also, the tool also supports converting MBOX emails to CSV file format with all attachments.

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Now, in the upcoming section, readers will know how to convert contacts from MBOX files in some easiest steps. So, let’s get started!!

Step-Wise Working of  MBOX to CSV conversion process with Automated Solution

Users have to follow some simple steps for completing the procedure on time without any issue;

Step 1. First of all, install and run the Xen MBOX converter tool on your Windows OS.

convert mbox to csv

Step 2. Now, users have to choose files/folders to upload MBOX files into the system. Then, press on the “Next” tab.

convert mbox to csv

Step 3. After that, You will see that this tool has automatically loaded all of your mailboxes of MBOX files on the left side, choose the required folders, and proceed further.

export mbox emails to csv file format

Step 4. Thereafter, choose CSV as a saving option from the given file formats.

export mbox emails to csv file format

Step 5. In this step, you have to select the desired destination path to convert MBOX to CSV.

convert mbox to csv

Step 6. Finally, tap on the convert button to start MBOX to CSV file conversion process.

convert mbox emails to csv file format

Done!! In this way, you can easily convert MBOX contacts to CSV files. In a few seconds, this tool will automatically open your chosen destination path so that the users can get the desired CSV output file.

Read More About Amazing Features of Xen MBOX Converter

  • This utility may convert single or multiple MBOX files to CSV File format at the same time.
  • Xen MBOX Converter tool does not require Thunderbird or any other email client as it is an independent tool to easily convert MBOX to CSV.
  • With the help of this application, corrupt and damaged MBOX files can be converted to CSV format.
  • This tool enables users to easily access and convert MBOX to CSV files which is a completely safe and secure process.
  • You can also export MBOX emails to 30+ other file formats including CSV. Such as you can convert MBOX to PDF, MSG, DOC, EML, PST, EMLX, HTML, MHT etc.
  • It also offers an option to export certain MBOX folders to CSV file format.
  • This handy tool is equipped with an easy-to-use graphical user interface that is self-explanatory.

Final Words

Here in this blog, we have discussed the two easiest solutions to convert MBOX to CSV files. Undoubtedly, it is a difficult task but you need not worry about it as we have shared the best solutions to complete MBOX to CSV conversion process.

However, manual solutions work only when you have a small number of emails as there may be a risk of data loss. That’s why we recommend our users opt for an automated solution to easily export MBOX emails to CSV file format.